Founder + Owner 

Kristin is the Founder of the Fluffery. She is a self-taught baker living in Austin, Texas where she fills her life with her friends, fitness, and her dog, Trollop “McSqueaksalot” Wensleydale Collins.  Born in the Texas Panhandle, Kristin studied Advertising before moving to Manchester and London where she acquired a master’s in International Relations and fostered a love of travel.

After discovering a passion for the world’s cultures, cuisines, and people, Kristin moved back stateside in 2010 to receive an additional master’s degree in Management. Combining her interests in food, friends, and business, Kristin founded Fluff Meringues & More with a desire to make quality, artful treats with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and a long-term business plan that gives back to the local and international communities alike.


Production Manager

Casey is a stubborn Fluffette who doesn’t faff about with things like public profiles and “about me” blurbs. She’s far too industrious for that, so we made one up on her behalf.

She hails from a family of elves residing in Arlington and spent her early years perfecting her powerful sugar-spinning elf-magic making copious variations of banana bread. Casey learned her spells from the wizards at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts here in Austin. Prior to being gifted a neatly pressed sock from Kristin she cast her spells at other favorite local haunts such as: Michelle’s Patisserie, Russell’s Bakery, and Central Market.  When she is not whipping up new potions she spends her time at the local pub singing Karaoke or snuggling kittens whilst reading.