If you are interested in wholesale, please send an email to Kristin@fluffmeringues.com. She will work with you to get set up in our wholesale program and give you a rundown of how our program works. 



Order should be placed by noon each day to ensure same day processing and confirmation. As we make everything to-order in house, we need a minimum of 72 hours to fill your order - especially larger orders (you want everything as fresh as possible, yes?)! This means that if you want a your order ready for Tuesday, you would need to have your order placed by noon on Friday. If you need to place a last minute order, please give us a call at 512.387.0605 and we will try to accommodate! 



In store pick up is free.

Delivery for orders over $75 is free otherwise we have a $50 minimum with $10 delivery fee (in the central Austin area; deliveries outside of central Austin will be priced accordingly). For shipping, you will be notified of shipping costs after you place an order and before we confirm. 

While we will endeavor to deliver your order to you as soon as possible, please do note the order lead times combined with our delivery availability and standard shipping days (vary depending on weather + time of year (heat)). Sometimes we may even get it to you on an off-delivery day, if requested and possible - but we will confirm before hand!

***If you have multiple locations, the delivery fee is per location (meaning each location would need to be a min of $75 for free delivery). 



Meringue drops, clouds, madeleines, macarons, marshmallows are all shelf stable and do not have to be refrigerated (though, the macarons can be) and will be delivered in traditional bakery boxes. 

Our scones, inbreads, and handpies can come frozen, par-baked, or fully baked and fresh per your request. 

We are always happy to give you further instruction on how to bake or prep the items to maintain deliciousness, product integrity, and customer satisfaction. Just ask your Fluff contact or if you need immediate help, call 512.387.05605.